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A new way to make six figures on the Web: teaching

Udemy releases a list of it’s top ten earners. These are instructors who make their money teaching online through Udemy. In the past year, the company claims to have experienced 700% user growth, with instructors adding 7000 lectures per month.

For the full list of Udemy’s top 1o instructors, take a look below:

  • 1. Infinite Skills instructors: $565,320 in total course sales; 10,505 subscribers (top course: “Microsoft Excel for Beginners”)
  • 2. Bess Ho: $218,935; 2,588 subscribers (top course: “Learn to Develop an iPhone or iPad App in 4 Weeks”)
  • 3. Victor Bastos: $175,168; 2,157 subscribers (top course: “Become a Web Developer from Scratch”)
  • 4. Mark Lassoff: $162,051; 4,033 subscribers (top course: “HTML and CSS for Beginners”)
  • 5. Zed Shaw: $126,585; 3,305 subscribers (top course: “Learn Python the Hard Way”)
  • 6. Miguel Hernandez: $96,508; 1,549 subscribers (top course: “How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business”)
  • 7. Huw Collingbourne: $88,285; 1,307 subscribers (top course: “Ruby Programming for Beginners”)
  • 8. Robin Nixon: $86,797; 1,814 subscribers (top course: “HTML5 Beginners Crash Course”)
  • 9. Chris Converse: $81,258; 1,327 subscribers (top course: “Creating Responsive Web Design”)
  • 10. Eric Ries: $53,573; 5,889 subscribers (top course: “The Lean Startup”)


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The goal of TED-Ed is for each great lesson to reach and motivate as many learners as possible. The new TED-Ed website goes a step further, allowing any teacher to tailor video content, create unique lesson plans, and monitor students’ progress. By putting this new technology to use, we hope to maximize time in class and give teachers an exciting tool for customizing – and encouraging – learning.

(Source: TechCrunch)